Reducing the use of plastic products.

How to adopt environmental habits and lifestyle

We begin the year in an eco-friendly mood, and we show you how to reduce the use of plastic bags and packaging. It is true that it’s difficult to change habits, but if you think of a positive environmental impact, I believe it will not be difficult for you to change a few little things every day, with the result adopting new habits.


Studies have shown that one in two sea turtles ate something plastic and that 90% of seabirds have something plastic in their stomach. In seas and rivers, tons of plastic waste ends up on an annual basis, so that the awareness of nature conservation and ourselves must develop much faster.

We have outlined a few simple steps that we can practice every day to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle:

1. Use non-bacterial metal straws that are not plastic waste.

2. Catering places should replace plastic straws with paper straws.
3. Replace the plastic bags in the supermarket with a canvas bag.



4. Use glass bottles for water and drinks.
5. Use a thermos when you are grabbing coffee.
6. Try to carry food from home to avoid plastic food packages from restaurants and fast-food.
7. Recycle.

8. Try to use hard soap instead of liquid, to avoid plastic packaging.

These are the minimum changes in everyone’s everyday life that you can apply today. Start doing it today in order to protect the environment and the quality of our lives.

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