Candle jars – Beautiful suggestions

Are you looking for beautiful, creative and affordable candle jars for your next candle making project?

Candles have now become the ultimate must-have accessory for any home. Sometimes their purpose is purely decorative, while other times they are preferred for their unique combination of elegance and the comforting feel they offer.

It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that people have literally fallen in love with scented candles and use them to make their everyday life more comfortable. They are undoubtedly one of the best additions to any room, party or event. In particular, jar candles stand out from the rest because they have some very specific features:

They are completely safe

One of the most important features of aromatic scented candles is their jars and the safety lid that they feature. They are easy to carry while burning, you don’t need a specific type of candle holder to do so and most jar candles look absolutely stunning even when they are not lit.

They have a longer total burn time

On average, candles in a jar offer a longer continuous burn time than any other regular sized candle, as there is no chance of spilling or dripping.

Candles without a container may not burn evenly, thus leaving unburned wax, which leads to shorter burn time.

They have better projection

The use of jars allows us to use softer types of waxes that can hold more oil as a percentage. More oil means more fragrance, greater potency and overall projection!

In addition, when we burn candles in jars, we usually create a larger pool of melted wax, which will produce more heat and will create a more intense scent.

Let’s not forget that the lid allows us to protect the fragrance oil and its intensity by keeping the jar closed when not lit.

candle burn time improves in a jar

Protect your space

You don’t have to worry about candle drips when using jars for candles, so you won’t have to clean any stains from tables, carpets or clothes.

Reusable jars

The best thing about jar candles is their multi-purpose containers. Simply clean the leftover wax from the jars, wash them with lukewarm water and they are ready to be used again… You can use them to store small accessories, edibles or, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you can decorate any space with them.


Candle jars – Our suggestions

Here are some suggestions of candle jars that we use very often and we are sure that they will add something extra to your next creations!


candle jars

500 ml glass jar, transparent with lid and airtight closure

candle jars

250 ml glass jar, round with wooden lid and rubber


candle jars

Glass jar 70×84 mm with wooden lid and rubber


candle jars

Glass jar, 90 ml with wooden lid and airtight sealing


candle jars

Glass jar, 100 ml, 54×76 mm with airtight sealing


We hope you found this post helpful! We urge you to try one of our suggested candle jars and use them in your next project.

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