Stand-Up Pouches, the evolution in the packaging of food products.

The right packaging is very important for the preservation and promotion of your products. In the field of packaging, there is a constant evolution, in order to meet the needs of the food industry, as well as the needs of the consumers.

Stand-up Pouches are made of flexible materials, with or without a zip sealing, in a big variety of sizes. Their flexibility and the fact that they can stand-up give them a great advantage on the shelves, in comparison with other packages. These pouches preserve the good quality of your products, protected from germs.

Use a premium stand-up pouch for your products and make them stand out!
Legumes, cereal, spices, coffee, nuts, candy are just some of the many food categories, for which you can use a Stand-up Pouch. All these products need to be preserved in airless and dry conditions and that is why stand-up pouches should be your No1 choice.

Let’s see the advantages of a stand up pouch on a closer look:
• They have airtight sealing, which protects your products.
• You add value to your products, by caring for the preservation of their quality and freshness.
• Their flexibility makes them popular to the consumers.
• Stand-up Pouches can replace the PET jar, because of the zip sealing, which guarantees an airtight closing.
• They use a lot less space, by subtracting the oxygen.
• They are better recycled than plastic bags, which gives an ecological touch to your business.

The packaging of products has a main part in the chain from the production to the consumer. So, take care of your products by using Stand-up Pouches. You will have a strong ally throughout the process.

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